Pouring, Concreting, Shotcreting

Pouring, Concreting, ShotcretingLiquid screed, ready-mixed transported by truck mixers, or in silos/bags for processing in continuous mixers or mixing pumps, is used to level and to prepare the surface of concrete floors for further finish covering.

Another field of application is the filling of geothermic bore holes.

Also for concrete works, e.g. filling of smaller formworks, annex or extension to existing buildings, are pumps with high output and for big grain size required.

With an additional air compressor it is possible to do shotcrete works with concrete up to 8mm grain size.

Scope of materials:
  • self-leveling floor screed
  • concrete
  • shotcrete
  • leveling compound
  • etc.
Our recommended machines:

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