Mortar Hoses

mortar hose 40bar
600057 mortar hose 40bar, ID20mm, 13.3m, V25/M25
600056 mortar hose 40bar, ID20mm, 10m, V25/M25
600058 mortar hose 40bar, ID25mm, 10m, V25/M25
600059 mortar hose 40bar, ID25mm, 13.3m, V25/M25
600060 mortar hose 40bar, ID35mm, 10m, V35/M35
600062 mortar hose 40bar, ID50mm, 10m, V50/M50
600061 mortar hose 40bar, ID35mm, 13.3m, V35/M35
600063 mortar hose 40bar, ID50mm, 13.3m, V50/M50
mortar hose ID20mm, 10m, Geka
600055 mortar hose ID20mm, 10m, Geka

Conveying Hoses

conveying hose 10bar
600225 conveying hose 10bar, ID50mm, 10m, V50/M50
600226 conveying hose 10bar, ID65mm, 10m, VT70/MT70
600280 conveying hose 10bar, ID90mm, 10m, VT108/MT108

Air Hoses

air hose 1/2
600064 air hose 1/2", 10m, Geka
600065 air hose 1/2", 13.3m, Geka

Water Hoses

water hose
600070 water hose 1", 10m, Geka
600071 water hose 1", 13.3m, Geka
600066 water hose 1/2", 10m, Geka
600067 water hose 1/2", 13.3m, Geka
600068 water hose 3/4", 10m, Geka
600069 water hose 3/4", 13.3m, Geka
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