mixing pump MP25

The mixing pump MP25, an all-in-one device for plastering with drymortar


The MP25 mixing pump is the allrounder among plastering machines. Whether you‘re working with drymorter from bags, silos or containers, the MP25 processes all pumpable premixed dry mortars. 

The MP25 is a fully equipped, reliable mixer pump that is ideally suited to the construction site for plastering works.
The MP25 is quick disassembled in componentsfor easy transport, service and cleaning.

  • The MP25 is the ultimate mixing pump which works with any common preblended dry mortars up to 4mm grain size.

    The MP25 is best at processing of:

    • gypsum
    • lime-cement
    • cement mortar
    • fire-proofing mortar
    • self-levelling underlayment
    • levelling compound
    • bonding and reinforcement mortar
    • finish and decoration coating
    • filler
    • etc.
  • Dry mortar is filled into the hopper. 

    Open the trap to start the flow of dry mortar in the mixing tube. 

    An agitator star is feeding the dry mortar from the hopper into the mixing chamber. 

    Water will be added automatically from the adjustable metering device into the mixing chamber to produce a homogenous wet mixture.

    A shaft with mixing paddles is driving the worm pump fixed below the pumping chamber to pump the wet mix in easy to connect flexible rubber hoses. 

    An attached compressor provides the spraying air and the inbuilt air remote control allows to start and stop the whole process from the spray gun in the operators hand. 

    The integrated pressure gauge of the outlet is showing the working pressure. 

    Our complete range of rotors and stators will provide pressure, distance and output to set up the MP25 according the requirements of the application.

  •   MP25 Mixit
    MX25 Mixit MP25 Mixit D5
    Power supply 3~400V/50Hz 3~230V/60Hz 3~400V/50Hz
    Output 25l/min 25l/min 35l/min
    Worm pump D6-Power D6-Power D5 short
    Pumping pressure 40bar 40bar 40bar
    Pumping distance up to 40m up to 40m up to 40m
    Pumping height up to 15m up to 15m up to 15m
    Pump drive 5.5kW 5.5kW 5.5kW
    Mixer drive 1.1kW 1.1kW 1.1kW
    Water pump 3.4m³/h, 0.78kW 3.4m³/h, 0.78kW 3.4m³/h, 0.78kW
    Compressor 200l/min, 0.55kW 200l/min, 0.55kW 200l/min, 0.55kW
    Outlet M35 (with V35-V25) M35 (with V35-V25) M35
    Weight 240kg 245kg 240kg
    Filling height 984mm 984mm 984mm
    Dimensions LxWxH 1324x728x1443mm 1324x728x1443mm 1324x728x1443mm
    Part no. 500070 500071 500072
    Standard equipment: spraying set,
    reduction V35-V25,
    standard tools,
    spraying set, 
    reduction V35-V25,
    standard tools,
    ID35mm spraying set,
    water suction hose with filter,
    standard tools,
  • Set for Spraying - MP25

    Set for spraying works is included in the standard delivery of:

    • MP25 Mixit with P/N 500070
    • MP25 Mixit with P/N 500071
    600029 Set for grouting and filling works 600029
    600058 mortar hose 40bar, ID25mm, 10m, V25/M25
    filling gun ID25 with cable remote control
    600149 filling gun ID25 with cable remote control
    600172 sponge ball ID25mm
    600030 Set for self-levelling works: 600030
    600058 mortar hose ID25mm, 10m
    600166 cable remote control 25m with output control
    600172 sponge ball ID25mm
    600033 Set for self-levelling works up to 40l/min 600033
    600092 rotor D8-2
    600091 stator D8-2
    600060 mortar hose ID35mm, 10m
    600162 cable remote control, 20m
    600174 sponge ball ID35mm

    These sets are just samples out of our program.
    For more accessories and tools please have a look under accessories or in our catalogue.
    Please contact us for detailed informations.


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