Piston Pumps


The famous piston pump P13 - a powerful solution especially for site mix applications

The piston pump P13 processes all kinds of locally available plaster sands up to 10mm aggregate size.
Use your regular plaster sand and apply your own material mix with the P13. Take advantage of the big plastering capacity by benefiting from inexpensive material costs.
The P13 is an extremely reliable low-maintenance machine for quicker more consistent results and better quality than manual processing.
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P13 DMR KA230


The compact trailer concrete pump P715 with S-valve system

The small, light and efficient double piston pump P715 for pumping of fine concrete, shotcrete and self leveling floor screed.
The P715 is a full hydraulically driven pump, perfect to feed from truck mixers with wet mixes up to 16mm grain size.
The P715 works with a maximum pumping pressure of 68bar. It is a low-wear and easy to maintain unit due to the S-valve system
with its automatic sealing effect.
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P715 TD


The compact piston pump P718 for concreting works up to 32mm grain size

The small but powerful and efficient trailer concrete pump P718 is ideal for pumping of concrete and liquid floor screed. 
The P718 is a hydraulically driven piston pump with big S-tube, pressure outlet and hopper, perfect for handling concrete even with up to 32mm grain size.
The P718 works with a maximum pumping pressure of 70bar. It is a low-wear pump, easy to maintain, to operate and to clean.
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P718 TD